Dear Mack and Nick,

I want to thank you all for the excellent job Piper Fire Protection did here at the Nottingham in replacing our fireline to our building. We now have a pipeline which is holding water pressure! I especially want to thank you for getting the pipeline installed and inspected as per our agreement and meeting the deadline. would be happy to offer a reference to any future customers.

Your employees, Paul and Jason, did a wonderful job – hardworking and efficient, kept the work area clean, and polite to everyone, (even those residents who got in their way). Tom and Mike also tried to minimize our need to replace additional parts through their expert knowledge of these types of systems.

I realize a project like this often finds other parts of the system that need replacement. When do you expect to replace additional parts? Relief valve on the pump and pressure transducer?

Also, when can Mike finish painting the pipeline? Another coat of paint will greatly improve its looks and hopefully make the residents here happier.

Cam and I are leaving tomorrow to return to Maine. I will still be available by phone and email. Thanks, again, for your good work.

Mary Torrey
Secretary, Board of Directors
Nottingham House

Good Morning Ms. Kane,

I am one of the members at the Sheriff’s Office that conducts weekly fire inspections at the Jail. I had the privilege to be part of the training class presented yesterday and I wanted to take the time to say Thank You, to all the staff at Piper. The class was very informative and I enjoyed every aspect. Breakfast and lunch was also nice and refreshing. I have worked for the Sheriff’s Office for over 20 years and have dealt with different fire services over the years, but feel Piper is one of the best in the industry! I enjoyed learning about the history of your company and the visual displays were helpful as well. Thank you all for such invaluable information, I can use both personally and professionally. Thank You!

Cpl. D, Hayes
Central Division Fire Marshal
Pinellas County Sheriff’s office

Dear Chris,

A big thanks to you and your team for the excellent services you provide for our facilities. From sprinkler systems to fire extinguishers, proper signage and exhaust systems, we count on Piper to keep everything in top working order. You help make it possible for us to focus on the ministries of the church without worrying about the numerous inspections required by having a Pre-school and kitchen facilities as part of our four building campus. We look forward to continuing a long term association with you and your team.

Peace and blessings,
Kevin Murphy, Ch.
Chris Mateo, Tim Riley, Carolyn Glasgow, Kent Zoller, Roger Fetzer, Pr. Joe Glymph

Piper Fire is by far the best Fire Protection Company I have ever dealt with. There is always someone willing to help 24 hours a day, and their sales team has always been there to explain fire codes and compliances. Whenever I need them – they are there. Piper services at least 10 of my properties at the current and plan to service more in the future. You can depend on Piper for all your Fire Protection needs.

Brandy Gallagher
Accountable Management
Operations Coordinator

Mr. Ron Carter / Customer Service Commendation:

Decided to send you another e-mail advising you of “SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE” this weekend

Unfortunately, we had one of our heat/smoke detectors (defective) engage our entire fire alarm system, on Friday evening (12-18-09). One of our residents “over-reacted” and told “911” and stated they “saw smoke and fire/flames”… Well, every Fire Engine in Polk County showed up… anyway the heat/smoke detector was defective…. no one was hurt… but the Fire Marshall gave us direct orders.

The Fire Marshall made us put a 24 hour security guard on our premises until we could get the heat detector replaced and the alarm back-on-line. This was going to be very expensive. ~ ~ But Piper Fire came to the rescue.~ Your men got the part delivered and installed without delay.

So, our President (Bob Sabiston), our Board and our Security Committee was VERY IMPRESSED with Piper Fire. Your employees “went above and beyond” with working, communicating and delivering the part. This was Friday night, and your employees involved gave “Excellant Customer Service”.

We look forward to a long working relationship with Piper Fire and wish each of a Merry Christmas !

On behalf of Spring Lake Towers Mgt. Inc., we “Thank You” for Excellant Customer Service”.

Kirk Smith, Mgr.
Spring Lake Towers

Dear Owner and staff of Piper Fire Protection,

Project Outreach would like to thank you for giving back to the community. The struggling, single mom with give children you helped is extremely grateful for your time and patiene. Erika was amazing and devoted to help despite the problems that arose. That is a great testament to the kind of company that you are and the character of you and your staff. Please let us know if you ever have a need arises with someone you know. We have a warehouse with clothes, beds, furniture, etc. that we can provide to those in need. Thank you so much for your willingness to bless the less fortunate.

Thank you,
Angela Meister
Project Outreach, Inc.


 I just wanted to tell you what a terrific job James did responding to me in an insane hour of need and in replacing the panel.  We were immersed in final exams with fire alarms going off for an hour and a half.  I did everything I could think of to shut down the power after the fire department left it in my hands.  It was pretty insane around here but I called James and gave him our situation and he was here at his first opportunity.  We were able to get the next set of exams started with only a 20 minute delay.  Of course the panel was fried but that’s lightning.  Yesterday he installed the new panel in very little time and tested everything but the horns, which we accomplished in record time this morning, all while working around exams and limited time frames.  Then I heard the story about your gas leak and how Chris responded to James’ plea for the panel so the fire department rescued it for us.  That was a great footnote to this episode.   I told that story to our Associate Dean and supervisor while singing Piper’s praises and he responded with, “That is a great vendor”. 

Please give Chris my personal thank you.

Good story.  Great service.  Thanks!

 Security Operations Coordinator for local University

Dear Tricia.

We wish to thank you for your contribution to the Ronald McDonald House of Tampa Bay. Your donation of pop tabs and Girl Scout Cookies is greatly appreciated. Your support helps to provide a safe and supportive home-away-from-home for families while their seriously ill or injured children receive medical treatment at our bay area hospitals.

Compassionate volunteers greet families as they walk through our doors. Community groups prepare hot, nutritious meals throughout the day for emotionally exhausted families. Parents, relatives and siblings gather in common rooms to share their hopes and fears with others going through similar situations. Because of friends like you, Ronald McDonald House is so much more than a house, it is truly a home.

Your gift to the house that love built is tax exempt and helps to keep our doors open.

Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of pediatric families in Tampa Bay.

Hi JP,

I would like to thank all of you at Piper Fire for all the work you have done for Tarpon Point Condos with the installation of the sounders. This was a very big and high cost project for us.

JP you represented your company in a very professional and accountable manner that made us feel very confident your company would be the best for the job and exceeded our expectations.

April and Amber were also wonderful in keeping us updated with the Permit and a time schedule for the job all the way through final inspection.

However, my biggest thanks will have to go to Robert and Rick. They brought their expertise, professionalism and a friendly demeanor with a personal kindness to all of the owners here at Tarpon Point. They made it part of their daily routine to make the unit owner interaction a positive experience. They definitely ran into some challenges throughout the install, but never made it be known to the owners.

They made a vigilant effort to minimize any additional repairs. This effort stunned me as I know many times they would like to have torn down the wall!!! I was with them in most the units and told them to cut holes if they needed to but they never did. I did not hear any negative comments from the unit owners during this install and I would have thought that impossible.

Our condo association would recommend your company and employees to anyone needing your services with the highest praise.

Thank you all again for a job well done.

Paula Beltowski and everyone here at Tarpon Point Condominiums