Tampa and St Petersburg Security System Installation

The best security system is customized to your specific needs. Our consultants evaluate your property for security risks and recommend cost effective systems based on your security goals. Additionally, we design, install, and service video surveillance and access control systems. All of these systems can be integrated to fully lock down your property.

Our consultants are there for our customers at every step, from property evaluation, to installation and service, on every system we recommend. Our focus on customer satisfaction, combined with our competitive installation and monitoring prices, make us the best value in the Tampa Bay area.


Business Security Services

  • Protect property, inventory, and employees
  • Assign employees independent user codes
  • Implement panic buttons throughout the facility
  • Integrate security system with access controls for ultimate reporting
  • Cellular backup monitoring available
  • 24 hour UL monitoring

Access Controls

  • Track employee attendance
  • Restrict access to ‘sensitive’ areas
  • Restrict hazardous areas
  • No more making new keys
  • Integrates with smart phones
  • Finger print technology

Video Surveillance

  • Motion activated cameras
  • Infrared cameras for night vision
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom camera controls
  • Access cameras from any internet connection
  • Record video to DVR for easy playback
  • Watch live footage
  • Curb internal theft with discreet surveillance

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