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Here at Piper Fire Protection, being a good neighbor is a vital piece of our philosophy. We know that our long-term achievement is directly linked to the success of not only our customers, but also the entirety of the communities we live and serve. Through the rapport we build with local nonprofits, by way of volunteer activities, we’re trying to take part in strengthening the communities in which we operate.

Some of the charities we have consistently supported are:

Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas

For many years, Piper has been involved in Habitat for Humanity, to help build and renovate affordable housing for struggling, low-income, families and individuals.  The organization, itself, is dedicated to the vision that everyone should have a place to live and are treated without discrimination as to their particular situation.  By being part of that vision, Piper helps to give homes to those in need.  

The Florida Resurrection House

Resurrection House is a transitional housing community that helps homeless families who are in need, as well as families that are at risk of becoming homeless.  During the holidays, Piper sponsors families from the community and tries to make their hard times a little softer.  Through donations, Piper hopes to seeks to help them rebuild their confidence, and assist in motivating these families to keep striving toward self-sufficiency and a better life for themselves and their children.

The Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida

Our Annual Foot Golf Tournament, taking place in early summer, produces thousands of dollars in donations every year. The event is helping raise money to benefit the Children’s Burn Foundation, which provides support for child burn survivors, who have suffered burn-related injuries.  The Children’s Burn Organization seeks to address not only the victim’s physical injuries themselves, but the psychological and emotional trauma that have burdened said victim’s in the wake of their tragedy.  By supporting this foundation, Piper hopes to be part of the fight to give these children their lives back and give them back their dreams of a better tomorrow.

Pinellas Park Firefighters’ Chili Blaze for MDA

In support of Pinellas Park Firefighters, in benefit to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Piper has participated in the Annual Chili Blaze Competition for the first time this past year.  Proceeds raised by this annual event go toward MDA in their fight against the harmful effects of Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, and other related life-threatening diseases.  The Muscular Dystrophy Association works with researchers in trying to find medical breakthroughs for both treatment and cures, they provide care for children and adults that suffer with these diseases on a day-to-day basis, and they empower the distraught families that need a voice to share their stories and their hardships.  Through our support, we hope to partner with MDA against this struggle and plight, and help them in their progress toward giving strength to those in need.

Supporting Local Youth Organizations

Piper Fire Protection donates to youth organizations community-wide, supporting groups such as the Gulfcoast Youth Soccer Association, as well as many others.  Piper supports local youth sports leagues by helping to provide a training and meeting facility for referees, recreational leagues, coach training, and financial support.  Piper is dedicated to supporting Youth Athletics and feels that these sports programs promote better students and citizens.   Piper’s support has extended to many different organizations over the years, and has plans to continue supporting these and other organizations well into the future.

These charitable acts only touch the surface of the many causes Piper Fire Protection has supported in the past. The list goes on with consideration to the American Cancer Society, Post Foundation, Suncoast Hospice, Hearts Across Pinellas, Ronald McDonald House, and the Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund, just to name a few.

Piper Gives Back also encourages help for employee families internally, providing opportunities to help fundraise when we can. Whenever particularly distressful times arise, we are there to give our support, because we know that giving back to our community includes caring for our employee families as well.

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