Piper Fire Protection’s Annual Footgolf Fundraiser

What Footgolf Means To Us!

We’ve been in the field of fire and life safety for over 35 years and, being in this line of work, it comes as no surprise that we’ve strived to give back and pour our hearts into our communities. One way we do this is by hosting our Annual Footgolf Fundraiser! For the past 6 years, we’ve gathered together with our Piper Family, customers and community leaders to play “footgolf” (think soccer with golf tournament rules) and help raise funds for one of our personal favorite charities, The Children’s Burn Foundation of Florida. We’d love to spend a little time going over why this event is so important to us and why you should come out on the green and join us!


Our Volunteers “Putt” in the Time

Our Annual Footgolf Fundraiser is a labor of love and made possible by both volunteers and donations. Volunteers at the event help us pass out raffle tickets and raffle prizes, check-in our players and oversee a delicious spread of food at our buffet dinner! Genuine conversations, a passion for charity, helping make sure our guests enjoy the game – we’d be lost without the wonderful people who volunteer their time to this event and a very worthy cause. If you’re interested in being a part of our volunteer team, call us at (727-581-9339) and ask for our Piper Gives Back team!


Team Players “Go-lfer” the Gold

Do you have a competitive streak? Then sign up to be a member of one of our 4 to 6 player teams! You can fill-in an empty spot on an existing team or bring your own crew of players and wipe out the competition with your fellow “footgolfers”. The game is simple in design: think golf with a soccer ball. Score points by kicking your ball on the green and, after each round, decide which ball is in the best position for scoring and then move all balls up and use the same spot for each player until someone scores. Whether a team player is 5, 35, or 55, anyone can kick back and have a good time!


See You on the Fundraiser “Fairway”!

From spectating on the sidelines to playing caddie to showing your skills as a duffer on the course, you can come join the fun and help donate to an incredible cause. We host our Annual Footgolf Fundraiser anywhere from March to May every year. Be sure to follow us on social media so you can receive updates from our Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page on times and dates. We look forward to seeing everyone at tee off!


Written By: Marlana Sadorf

Date Posted: April 26th, 2022