Piper Fire & Inovonics Mobile Duress





How It Works:

Duress pendants, or panic buttons, have played a crucial role in protecting life and property for decades. Security systems can easily associate a fixed pendant with a specific location upon installation, but determining indoor location when someone activates a pendant on their person has been significantly more problematic and cost prohibitive to deploy. Responders may know a problem exists, but historically have not had an easy and cost effective way to know where. The Inovonics mobile duress system breaks that paradigm, delivering an innovative location solution, built upon the reliability and cost effectiveness of EchoStream®, which can seamlessly integrate into existing security systems.

Inovonics Mobile Duress

The Inovonics mobile duress system delivers precise location accuracy – room, zone or floor – depending on what your specific location requires, using application programming interface (API) push notifications to integrate directly into a central station, access control or other IP-based software application.


Piper Fire Protection is proud to be an inaugural channel partner for Inovonics mobile duress systems. Reach out to us to see if this system would be beneficial at your location. 

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