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Nurse call and emergency call systems are an essential part of most healthcare facility operations including, but not limited to, assisted living, independent living, memory care, skilled nursing facilities. These systems allow for patients to request assistance from nurses or health care staff members remotely with visual and audible signals for routine or emergency needs. From pull cords to bed units, both wireless and wired systems, Piper Fire Protection has been helping Tampa Bay facilities pick the best system for the needs of their staff and patients for years.


Nurse & Emergency Call FAQ’s

In many jurisdictions, skilled nursing facilities are required to have a hard wired nurse call system due to signal reliability and a few other factors. Other types of extended care facilities have the ability to install wireless systems. Facilities that offer multiple long term care options may have a mix of both hard wired and wireless systems throughout the campus.
Nurse call systems allow patients and clinical staff to summon help for routine or emergency needs with visual and audible signals. These systems sometimes can also summon emergency resuscitation teams. These systems work by allowing patients in health care settings to remotely alert a nurse or other healthcare staff member of their need for assistance. Typically, a signal alerts staff at the nurse’s station as a button is pressed, and a nurse or nurse assistant responds to such a call.
Emergency Call systems allow facility staff to signify to other staff and management that there is an emergency with response required. Primarily a system like this is designed to reach out to authorities as well, whether it be First Responders or Police.
1. Evaluate the needs of your facility 2. Explore technology options 3. Determine station locations 4. Plan for installation 5. Maintain the system with regular testing

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