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Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Servicing West Florida

Piper Fire is the leader in the Greater Tampa Bay area when it comes to commercial kitchen hood cleanings. Our technicians get inside your hood and open every access panel to clean the inner duct work from the roof down.

Because we work on Ansul, Pyrochem, and Rangeguard systems on a daily basis, we know how to clean all the related components, which extends the life of your system. You pay to have your kitchen hood cleaned, hire a company that takes pride in cleaning the entire system.

Our processes ensure that your hood looks like new after each visit! Every company cleans the filters, but look behind the filters and you’ll find the real story. We utilize a powerful steam heated pressure washer to thoroughly clean your kitchen hood system. 


What You Can Expect When We’re on the Job

  • Convenience – We clean your hoods at any hour, whenever it is most convenient for you.
  • Value – Deep cleaning leaves your hood shining after every visit. We send before and after pictures so you can see the difference! In addition, we thoroughly clean your link lines for free. Built up grease and cooking residue can lock these lines in place, leaving your kitchen hood system inoperable.
  • No Aftermath Clean-up – We clean up after ourselves. Other than your shiny hood, you won’t even know we were there!
  • Accommodating – We call to setup your next cleaning before it’s due. It’s one less thing for you to remember!
  • Hood Experts – We know your hood better than anyone else! We inspect and repair commercial kitchen hood suppression systems every day.
  • We Travel for You – We service several statewide restaurant chains in Florida. We have the resources and the knowledge to service the entire state of Florida, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, Sarasota and more.
  • Trained Technicians – Our technicians are accredited by IKECA, a national hood cleaning association. We employ professionals that take pride in being the best at what they do.
  • Ansul Experts – We are an Ansul Certified Dealer. Our technicians receive extensive training as part of our certification. Nobody knows your Ansul commercial kitchen hood system better than Piper Fire Protection.


Keep Your Kitchen Hood System Clean

With so many other fire safety rules and regulations, you might think that keeping your Hood Exhaust System isn’t a high priority. But, IT IS! Look at this requirement as added protection; something positive! If you stay on top of your kitchen cleanliness, you’ll never be surprised with a negative report from the health inspector.

In fact, insurance companies, fire marshals and health inspectors require regular cleanings. If your restaurant is open for longer than normal business hours and uses grease and/or smoke to cook, you may be required to schedule more frequent cleanings.



How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Kitchen Hood System?

  • 30 day cleaning requirement – Hamburger and fast food restaurants, wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves, restaurants open 24 hours
  • 90 day cleaning requirement – Average restaurants, cafeterias and hotel or hospital kitchens
  • 180 day cleaning requirement – Pizza restaurants and oven hoods
  • 1 year cleaning requirement – Hoods over non-grease appliances


What Are The Benefits of Hood Exhaust System Cleanings?

  • Cleanliness – When it comes to anything food-related, the cleaner it is the better!
  • Prevention – Be prepared for disasters and prevent them from occurring in the future
  • Efficiency – Routine inspections and cleanings will help make your Hood Exhaust System run correctly and add years to its lifetime
  • Savings – Some insurance companies may offer a rate deduction with regularly scheduling cleanings


Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Near You!

At Piper Fire Protection, our experts are trained to clean even the dirtiest commercial hood system, while allowing as little interruption to your daily business routine as possible. In addition to this, our environmentally friendly cleaning processes and disposal techniques reduce the risk of fires – protecting you and your employees! If you’re interested in receiving a free estimate for our services or just have questions regarding the topic of kitchen hoods, hood cleanings, or hood inspections, please call us either at our Clearwater, FL location (1-800-327-7604) or Sarasota, FL location (941-377-2100). We look forward to hearing from you and helping service all of your fire and life safety needs!


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