Inaugural Mobile Duress Channel Partner with Inovonics

Piper Fire Protection is proud to be one of the inaugural Mobile Duress Channel partners with Inovonics, an industry leader in reliable wireless technology for life-safety applications, as announced by Inovonics. Matt Nulton, our Alarm Construction Department Manager states, “We are excited to be in a partnership with Inovonics, which now allows us to add location enhanced mobile duress to our commercial security solutions.”

With this partnership, Piper Fire has the ability to add Inovonics mobile duress to municipal buildings, commercial facilities, hospitals or schools to assist with the precise floor and room location upon activation, subsequently reducing the response time of emergency responders to those needing assistance during a crisis. 

To read more on this state of the art product, head over to the Inovonics Website or our Mobile Duress webpage.

To find out if a mobile duress system is a good fit for your location, please reach out to Matt and the alarm construction team by calling 727-581-9339 or email