Tampa Area Hydrostatic Tank Integrity Testing Service

What Is A Hydrostatic Tank Test?

Cylinders of every application need to be tested regularly to ensure that they can safely hold pressure. Some examples of the cylinders that require hydrostatic testing are restaurant CO2 tanks, medical oxygen canisters, paint ball cylinders, life rafts, fire extinguishers, and scuba tanks.

At Piper Fire Protection, we utilize the latest in computer automated technology to make sure that your tanks are safe. There are 3 different methods of hydrostatic testing. The best method, and the one that we use to test your cylinders is the Water Jacket method. This method is the most stringent test procedure and ensures that your cylinder is safe and functional.

This computerized test is performed by measuring water displacement. First, we fill your cylinder with water and lower it into a test reservoir. We then pressurize the cylinder causing it to expand in all directions. As the cylinder expands, water in the reservoir is displaced, and we measure this overflow to tell us how much the cylinder has temporarily ballooned.

After the pressure is released from the cylinder, the computer analyzes the reservoir level to ensure that the cylinder has again assumed it’s original shape and size. The computer then compares the two readings of the permanent expansion determined at the end of the test, and the temporary expansion determined with pressure applied, to grade the overall safety of your cylinder. This entire process takes approximately 30 seconds.

Finally, we ensure that the inside of your cylinder is completely dry by utilizing high powered steam dryers.  These processes are routinely inspected by the state fire marshal. Additionally, we are DOT certified to perform hydrostatic testing on all types of cylinders. 



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