How Often Should You Clean Your Kitchen Hood?

Keeping your restaurant clean and sanitary is one of those rules that must be followed, including keeping your Hood Exhaust System clean.

The National Fire Protection Agency has outlined the requirement for cleaning your Hood Exhaust System and insurance companies use this to determine liability should a fire occur.

Failure to comply with this guideline could shut your restaurant doors and put you out of business.

How Often Should You Schedule Your Hood Exhaust Cleaning?

With so many other rules and regulations, you might think that keeping your Hood Exhaust System isn’t high priority.

But, it is.

In fact, insurance companies, fire marshals and health inspectors require regular cleanings. And if your restaurant is open longer hours and uses grease and/or smoke to cook, you may be required to schedule more frequent cleanings.

Here is a quick guideline to give you a better idea of what to expect.

  • Hoods over non-grease appliances – 1 year cleaning requirement
  • Pizza restaurants and oven hoods – 180 day cleaning requirement
  • Average restaurants, cafeterias and hotel or hospital kitchens – 90 day cleaning requirement
  • Hamburger and fast food restaurants, wood-burning or charcoal-burning stoves, restaurants open 24 hours – 30 day cleaning requirement

What Are The Benefits of Hood Exhaust System Cleanings?

There are benefits that come with maintaining your Hood Exhaust System.

  • Cleanliness
  • Prevent disasters from occurring in the future
  • Make your Hood Exhaust System efficient, adding years to its life
  • Some insurance companies may offer a rate deduction with regularly scheduling cleanings.

Look at this requirement as added protection. Something positive. You won’t be surprised by a report from the health inspector.

At Piper Fire Protection, our Tampa based experts are trained to clean even the dirtiest commercial hood system, while allowing as little interruption to your daily business routine as possible.

And, our environmentally friendly cleaning processes and disposal techniques reduce the risk of fires – protecting you and your employees.

So, if your business in Tampa, Largo, Sarasota, St. Petersburg or Clearwater and is in need of Hood Exhaust system cleaning, schedule your regular maintenance with our trained experts today.