Design and Install of Foam Systems for Fire Suppression in Buildings

Whenever there is exposure to fuel or other flammable chemicals, foam systems provide the most effective option. Foam systems work by blanketing the fire and cutting off all oxygen. The foam adheres to the walls and ceilings to prevent the fire from spreading, and shields the flammable liquid from any other heat sources.

We design and install foam systems for new facilities, and repair and inspect them in existing buildings. We’ve worked on foam systems in applications like airport hangers, power plants, chemical manufacturers, and fueling stations. We install and maintain several different types of foam systems including AFFF and high expansion.

We’re authorized dealers for Ansul and Chemguard foam systems, however we’re qualified to work on all types, regardless of the manufacturer.

Because operation of these systems is vital to protecting lives and facilities, foam systems require an annual inspection to test the foam bladder integrity. During this inspection we send samples of the foam for testing to monitor its conductivity and ensure its suppression capabilities haven’t been diminished over time.

With specialized systems like this, there is no room for error. We have the knowledge and the experience to ensure that your foam system is ready when you need it.

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