Fire Extinguisher Sales and Maintenance for all of the Greater Tampa Bay Area

Our History with Fire Suppression Systems and Extinguisher Services

Piper Fire Protection has been servicing the Greater Tampa Bay area for over 35 years, taking care of all your fire and life safety needs! For nearly 20 years of those same years, we have been recharging, installing and servicing fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers. On top of servicing them, we’re also an authorized distributor for Ansul, Buckeye, and Kidde fire extinguishers. There’s a great deal more to putting out a fire with suppression systems and fire extinguishers than most people realize, and we’re here to help! We’re the first choice when it comes to your fire extinguisher needs because we provide great value, have no hidden fees, assist you in budgeting, and our technicians are experienced, professional, and courteous!


What Can Piper Fire Do For You? Everything!

  • Accommodating – We make maintaining your fire extinguishers easy, notify you when your next inspection is due, perform the inspections at your location with minimal interruptions, and much more!
  • Value – While we’re on-site performing your extinguisher inspection, our technician(s) can also inspect your emergency/exit lighting with no additional trip charge!
  • Flexibility – We understand that deadlines can sneak up on you, and our technicians work hard to ensure your facility is in compliance. With over a dozen vehicles dedicated solely to inspecting fire extinguishers, we strive to accommodate your deadlines and schedules. 
  • Honesty – Our pricing is given at face value: there are no hidden costs or fees! We employ a simple billing structure so that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.
  • Customer Focused – We forecast your future inspection costs. Because you have to budget for expenses, we project your extinguisher maintenance needs into the future.
  • Restaurant Friendly – Because our technicians perform hood inspections and fire extinguisher inspections simultaneously, you save time and money when it comes to needing work done at your place of business.
  • Local – Piper Fire Protection serves clients throughout West Central Florida, including all of The Sun Coast Area: Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, etc..


Identifying Fire Extinguisher Types and Classes

Not all fires burn alike, and because of that, it’s important to know how to put out a fire to prevent further damage and danger. There are several different types and classes of fire extinguishers and choosing the right one for your environment is vital! We service all types of fire extinguishers including ABC, BC, Water, Class K, Water Mist, CO2, Halon, Halotron, Clean Guard, AFFF, Class D, and High Flow. The list below is a breakdown of the many types and classes of fire extinguishers and when best to use them.


  • Class A: These fire extinguishers are used to put out fires involving paper, wood, rubber, cloth, and plastics.
  • Class B: When it comes to a burn using flammable liquids including grease, oil, gasoline, or oil based paints, this is the ideal extinguisher to use.
  • Class C: This class of extinguisher is used almost exclusively for electrical fires.
  • Class D: These heavy duty fire extinguishers are used in industrial applications including fires fueled by flammable metals.
  • Class K: For kitchen-related fires, – vegetable oils, animal oils, and other fats used for cooking – these fire extinguishers are used in commercial kitchens and restaurants with deep fat fryers.


For an even more detailed description on when and where to use different types and classes of fire extinguishers, we encourage you to head over to Piper’s Bulletins and read through our blog post on the subject.


Operating a Fire Extinguisher 

Fire extinguishers have always been the simplest and most recognizable form of fire suppression. We’re all familiar with what they look like! These bright, red canisters with shiny, silver handles hang in our children’s schools, gyms, our workplace offices and (even) our homes. One of the most important aspects of the fire extinguisher is the fact that they are easy to operate in the event of a fire. A simple way to remember how to operate one is using the acronym PASS

Pull the pin…

Aim the nozzle…

Squeeze the lever and…

Sweep from side to side, aiming at the base of the fire!


Fire Extinguisher Services Near You!

Whether it’s an ABC fire extinguisher or Clean Agent suppressor, we are happy to provide service, perform an inspection, repair or even install suppression systems and fire extinguishers for you! If you’re interested in receiving a free estimate for our services or just have questions regarding the topic of fire extinguishers, please call us either at our Clearwater, FL location (1-800-327-7604) or Sarasota, FL location (941-377-2100). We look forward to hearing from you and helping service all of your fire and life safety needs!



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