Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Commercial extinguishers ( A, B, and C) require the following inspections by a licensed fire protection company:

Annual Inspection: We ensure that your cylinder is maintaining the proper pressure, full of the required amount of extinguishing agent, and that all external parts are in working order.

6 Year Maintenance: We remove all of the contents of your extinguisher. All of the components are disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and replaced if found to be defective. Extinguishers are then re-filled and recharged.

12 Year Maintenance: We perform all of the requirements of a 6 year inspection as well as perform a hydrostatic test of the cylinder. Hydrostatic testing is an expansion test to ensure that your extinguisher can safely hold pressure.

Note: Extinguishers manufactured before 1985 are condemned and should be replaced. For extinguishers manufactured in 1985 and after, there is no expiration date, as long as the cylinder passes the 12 year expansion test.

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