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Having an alarm monitoring system could be the difference in a lot of circumstances. Monitoring allows your systems to automatically alert emergency services when it detects trouble. Fire sprinklers, fire alarms, security systems, and elevator emergency phones can be used in full communication with alarm monitoring. Having a reliable monitoring company is vital to alert the authorities in the event of an emergency.

Piper Fire Protection, Inc. offers a user-friendly mobile monitoring app that allows you to manage your account from anywhere and at any time!

Some features of the app include the following:

  • View Account History/Information-Passcodes, and Contacts
  • Place Account on Test or No Action
  • Request Alarm Dispatch, Cancel (Security Only)
  • View Test Result
  • View Account History
  • View Recent Alarms

There are always many questions about monitoring. Common questions include:


Alarm Monitoring

Systems can be monitored by two traditional phone lines, an internet connection via VOIP, or digital cellular signals.
Monitoring costs vary based on initial configuration. Changing your monitoring transmission type can save you money. Contact us for more information.
While standards for service are the same for all monitoring companies, standards for customer service are not. You’ll notice this in how quickly they answer your call, how knowledgeable they are about your trouble signals, and the accuracy with which they dispatch signals.
In today's digital world, your system can be monitored from anywhere in the world. It is important however, to have local contacts. Not only does Piper Fire provide local monitoring services, we have back-up facilities outside of Florida’s hurricane zones. This means that regardless of local weather conditions, your system will always be on-line. It’s important that your system is online in case you need the help of local authorities. It’s also important to have local contacts in case you experience any other issues with your fire alarm system. Piper Fire provides you with both assurances.
Standards for monitoring service require companies to immediately notify your contact upon receiving a trouble signal. Often times, these trouble signals can occur, reset, and re-occur repeatedly. This can be caused by phone lines being down, power outages, or wiring shortages. If these are simply false alarms, call us and we can put the trouble signal on test until we can diagnose what the issue is.
Call us to update your contact list. We’ll make sure the right people are getting notified when your system detects trouble.
Simply call us to put your system on test or use the app. This will allow you to set off the alarm without the system notifying the fire department.
Your fire alarm panel is continuously sending data via phone lines or digital transmission including status updates and/or any trouble signals. With newer digital phone lines, this data transmission can cause a break in the dial tone. Your panel sees this break in the dial tone as a connectivity issue and sends out a trouble signal. Phone providers don’t understand that fire alarm panels are required to report these breaks in communication, and insist that this is an issue with your panel. This makes for a frustrating standoff as the phone company blames the alarm panel, and your fire alarm company blames the phone lines. The good news is that we can update your fire alarm panel to be compatible with lower priced digital phone lines or by ridding your system of phone lines by installing a cellular dialer. Typically, this upgrade pays for itself in less than one year.


Piper Fire has provided UL-Listed Central Monitoring for over 15 years. Simplify your life by making Piper Fire Protection your total alarm services solution. For reliable monitoring, responsive service, and timely inspections to your fire alarm systems, call or email us today.






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