Electrical Panels

Unsafe Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers

Electrical Panels and Circuit Breakers are responsible for controlling and distributing the flow of electricity throughout a home. Homes built 25+ years ago are more likely to have outdated or defective panels. An outdated panel can affect the performance of any major appliance or cause an overload to your electrical systems.

There are a few brands of panels recalled due to safety concerns:

  • Federal Pacific Electric Panels. Most common in homes built between 1950 and 1980. You will see the words ‘Federal Pacific Electric’ written on the cover of the breaker box and inside will read ‘Stab-Loc’.
  • Deemed unsafe due to the electric panels’ circuit breakers failing to trip when there’s a short or circuit overload as well as reports of circuits in the off position still sending power to the circuit.
  • Zinsco or GTE-Sylvania Panels. Most common in homes built in the 1970’s. Zinsco is now defunct.
  • Deemed unsafe due to circuit breakers melting to the main ‘bus bar’, causing the breaker to never trip, even when there is a shorted or overloaded circuit.
  • Many panels branded as GTE-Sylvania & Sylvania are re-branded Zinsco panels

If you find any of the above-mentioned panels in a home around Tampa bay, St. Petersburg or surrounding counties, call Piper Electrical to quote you to replace it immediately.

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