Covid-19 Update

To our customers and partners in the community, please know that Piper Fire is actively monitoring the ever-changing effects of COVID-19. Our customers and employees are at the forefront of our concern and we are fully committed to ensuring your safety and systems as we navigate these uncharted waters.

In response to COVID-19, we want to provide you a few updates on what Piper is doing.


The Health and Well Being of Our Customers and Employees

  • We are following the recommendations of the CDC for everyone’s protection.
  • CDC recommendations include limiting exposure to sick individuals, frequent and proper hand washing, and monitoring for the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We are actively engaging in social distancing to help contain the spread by transitioning employees to a work-from-home model and providing alternative communication methods for technicians in the field who would otherwise work partially in our office settings.
  • Workspaces have been rearranged to allow for social distancing requirements.
  • We are providing masks, gloves, booties, sanitizers, and more for all employees.
  • We are completing full wipe downs daily of the most accessed areas of our offices and requiring certain PPE in common areas.

Our Efforts to Keep Your System in Compliance

  • Piper Fire is temporarily refining it’s services to keep properties in compliance while at the same time maintaining social distancing recommendations. 
  • Currently, Piper is able to accommodate common area inspections in most, if not all, of our customer’s locations and full walkthroughs are determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Our technicians utilize appropriate PPE and follow social distancing standards as determined by the CDC and any applicable government ordinances.  
  • However, if a walkthrough is not performed, our customers can expect the following:
    • the systems will be tagged showing completed inspections with notations for lack of walkthrough due to Covid-19.
    • where fire sprinkler heads or alarm devices exist, we will temporarily not be conducting formal interior unit walkthroughs or entering occupied living spaces to visually inspect/test devices during the annual inspections. This would apply to nursing homes, ALF’s, independent living, apartments, condominiums, and residential spaces.  
    • Where horns/sounders are in the units, we can simply listen at the door.
  • For commercial, retail, hospitality, government, places of worship and warehouse settings, we will attempt a walkthrough unless there are any customer concerns or groups of individuals that are contrary to CDC recommendations. 
  • Our focus will be in testing accessible alarm devices as well as sprinkler flow switches, tampers, and fire pumps as they exist so to keep properties safe and compliant during this time

Fire Extinguishers

      • Any customers who would like to bring their fire extinguisher(s) in for inspection or maintenance, please call our office at 727-581-9339 for instructions on drop-off/pick-up and payment.

Construction & Repairs

      • Our job sites are fully staffed and operational
      • We are:
        • fully staffed to help with any repair or construction needs
        • still providing our list of full services for all customers to include design, construction, service/repair, installations and inspections
        • available for any and all of your fire protection and life safety needs, regular and after hours

We hope that this update reinforces our commitment to you and we thank you for your trust in Piper.

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