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Since 1986, Piper Fire Protection has been a force in the construction industry. In almost three decades, we’ve worked in every type of market and on every type of structure. From retrofitting a small retail store, to designing and installing fire systems for an international airport, we’ve succeeded in completing projects large and small. Over the years, we’ve designed and installed systems for specialty structures like museums, hospitals, power plants, multi-family residences, and assisted living facilities. Additionally, we specialize in installing unique systems that meet local and state fire codes and can save you money.

From the initial bid to project completion, we focus on making life easy for our general contractors. We’re focused on getting our job done on time, while also coordinating with other subcontractors to keep the overall project running smoothly. Every step of implementing your sprinkler, alarm, or clean agent system is handled in house including permitting, design, fabrication, and installation. This keeps our initial bid competitive and keeps us in control of our own schedule, so there are no costly delays.

Once we’re awarded a project, our back office immediately begins gathering the necessary permits. Our design team begins mapping your system using the latest in computer automated design to ensure that your system is cost effective and meets local fire codes. Our shop technicians locate the required materials in our 20,000 square foot warehouse or from outside vendors, and start planning the fabrication to your project’s exact specifications. Finally our field technicians meet the material on the jobsite and begin the installation. On the jobsite, our technicians are focused on staying on schedule while keeping jobsite safety a top priority.

Throughout this cycle, we have project managers that will keep you updated on our progress, and a dedicated billing liaison to keep the administrative lines of communication open. We’re experts on utilizing online billing software and welcome the opportunity to work with automated payment procedures. Additionally, our back office is well versed in insurance requirements for large projects including OCIP/CCIP, and excel at completing the required reporting.

Throughout each phase of the project, we aim to stay on schedule and keep your project running smoothly. We are your fire detection and suppression systems expert on projects of any size so call us today to see how our experience can work for you.

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