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Concept to Creation

Construction Projects

Piper Electrical is dedicated to addressing all your commercial construction, build-out and tenant renovation needs. We work with many general contractors in the Tampa Bay area to help complete projects and allow tenants to open their doors for business. Whether the project is large or small, we strive to maintain the same degree of quality you have come to expect with the Piper name.

We will assist you every step of the way- from the planning and design phase to coordinating our on-site services once construction has begun. We are ready to address all of your questions and concerns, so let us help in the electrical design of your next construction/ build-out/ remodels or tenant renovation venture.

Helping you get through the struggle of today, while building strength for tomorrow…

Preventive Maintenance and Emergency Services

Before emergencies strike, Piper Electrical will be there, providing proactive services such as assessing the status of your electrical appliances.  If there are electrical issues to repair, we can perform a diagnostic test as well.

In time of an emergency, we will quickly dispatch a qualified technician to troubleshoot the issue and/or provide you with options for replacement.

In your most urgent of needs, Piper Electrical will be there to help get you up and running.

When you are in need of any electrical work, contact us for dependable service, even before the lights go out.


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