Clean Agent Systems

Water is typically the first choice when attempting to extinguish a fire, however, in some situations the water damage from a sprinkler system could be as devastating as a fire itself. Having the right suppression system in place could be the difference between being a business disruption for two hours rather of ten.

A clean agent system is better suited to protect unique equipment in areas such as data centers with computer equipment, libraries with books, or museums with paintings. These systems extinguish fires and protect the room’s contents from further damage without using water. Additionally, gases like FM-200 and Argonite are green solutions, and offer no harm to human beings or the environment.


All of the solutions below provide the benefit of having no water damage:

  • FM200 Gas – Waterless fire suppression. Green solution, non-harmful to humans.
  • Novec – Waterless fire suppression. Green solution, non-harmful to humans.
  • Argonite – Waterless fire suppression. Green solution, non-harmful to humans.
  • CO2 – Industrial and vehicle applications.
  • Foam – Adheres to flammable liquids and prevents oxygen from fueling a fire.


Because these systems are highly customized, it is vital to consult with an experienced fire protection company during the planning, product selection, and installation process. Piper Fire Protection has designed and installed clean agent systems in various locations such as:

  • IT Rooms
  • MDF Rooms
  • Server Rooms
  • MRI/Medical Office Rooms
  • Elevator Equipment Rooms


We are authorized dealers for Ansul, Kidde and Amerex fire suppression systems. For over 15 years, we’ve been utilizing clean agent systems for Florida’s most unique fire protection challenges. Call or email us for more information on how a clean agent suppression system can help you.

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