Alarm Monitoring and You – Updates on 3G Sunsetting & Q+A’s

Shutting Down 3G Networks in 2022

The world of technology is changing (again!) and the safety of our personal data and property is always at the forefront of our minds when it comes to change. Currently, we’re going through the phase-in of 5G carriers and networks and the phase-out of 3G carriers and networks. Most of us are already using 5G in our everyday lives and on our personal devices, with 5G rollout having started in 2019, but the transition has been slow going and is now coming to a head in commercial use and businesses. “Mobile carriers are shutting down their 3G networks […] and all plan to finish shutting down [their] network[s] by December 31, 2022.” With 3G disappearing by next year, where does this leave you and your safety systems that currently rely on these soon-to-be outdated networks? That’s where Piper Fire Protection comes in! We’re here to help prepare you for these changes and update your devices and alarm monitoring services.


In the Event of an Emergency…Be Prepared!

At this time, fire alarm monitoring cellular communicators use 4G/LTE dialers. Piper Fire Protection uses these dialers and they will last well into the life of these newly upgraded networks. Monitoring allows your systems to automatically alert emergency services when it detects an alarm. Fire sprinklers, fire alarms, security systems, and elevator emergency phones can be used in full communication with alarm monitoring. Having a reliable monitoring company is vital to alert the authorities in the event of an emergency. Piper Fire Protection has provided UL-Listed Central Monitoring for over 15 years, and we encourage you to simplify your life by making Piper Fire Protection your total alarm services solution! We offer a user-friendly, mobile monitoring app for customers that use Rapid Response* which allows you to manage your account from anywhere and at any time!


Alarm Monitoring Q&As


How are systems monitored?

Systems can be monitored by traditional phone lines, IP, or digital cellular signals.


Can I put my own account “on test”?

Yes, and we have an app for that! It’s called MySecurity Account*, by MSA Development, and can be downloaded from the AppStore or PlayStore.


Can you change my contacts at any time? 

Of course we can! Give us a call at (1-800-327-7604) and ask for our Alarms Department.


Can you text me notifications?

Yes, SMS (short message service) or text notifications can be setup for your account.


Can you email me notifications? 

Yes, you can have email notifications setup for your account.


If I call you, can you help explain what issues I am having? 

Absolutely! We can look up the type of signal being sent and help walk you through the best course of action depending on the situation.


I don’t want to pay for my phone anymore/my phone lines are continually having issues and I want to go cellular; can you help me with that?

We certainly can! Give us a call at (1-800-327-7604) and ask for our Alarms or Sales Department for how to start the process.


Do I need to pay for cell service if I go with cellular?

No, you don’t. The cellular communicator includes an annual cell service.  You will eliminate that monthly phone bill and only have your annual monitoring fee.  


Contact Us Today!

If you’re interested in receiving a free estimate for reliable monitoring, responsive service, and timely inspections to your fire alarm systems, please call us either at our Clearwater, FL location (1-800-327-7604) or Sarasota, FL location (941-377-2100). We look forward to hearing from you and helping service all of your fire and life safety needs!


*This mobile app is only available to Rapid Response accounts, not COPS Monitoring; all new accounts created through Piper Fire are setup automatically as Rapid Response.


Written By: Marlana Sadorf & Ryan Carter

Date Posted: March 9, 2022