Three Fall Fire Safety Tips to Prepare You Before the Leaves Change Color

Posted: Friday, September 5, 2014

fire protection handbookSchool's starting back up again; the leaves are beginning to drop; and pumpkin flavored goodies are quickly infiltrating every coffee shop in the area. Yes, summer is ebbing away, while autumn looms ever closer, which means it's time to gird your home against the seasonal fire hazards. Here are a few tips from the fire protection handbook to help.

Check Up on All of Your Fire Protection Equipment.

It's a good idea to get in the habit of checking up on all of your fire suppression equipment at the same point in time every year, according to the fire protection handbook. What better time to change the batteries than when it's time to change the clocks? Go through your home and swap out your smoke alarm's and carbon monoxide detector's batteries. It's also a good idea to have fire protection services inspect any fire extinguishers you might have.

Give Space Heaters Space.

If you use a space heater, the fire protection handbook advises leaving at least three feet of empty space around it. This means putting it far away from furniture, and keeping clothes, paper products, drapery, and other combustibles away. It doesn't take much to start a fire, which can double in size in 10 seconds. Three feet of empty space means three feet of empty space.

Don't Park Near Piles of Leaves.

The fire protection handbook advises against parking near dead piles of leaves once people start putting them by the curb. The heat coming off of your car or truck's exhaust system or catalytic converter can actually set the leaves on fire, which could then also ignite your vehicle and destroy it. Instead, maybe find another parking spot.

Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to not only have a warm, comfy Fall, but a safe one, too. If you have any questions or other suggestions from the fire protection handbook, feel free to share in the comments.