Surge Protection

Surge Protection Options

A power surge is an increase in voltage. Though brief, it can cause serious damage to your home or business, and the appliances within it. Power surges are common in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes and other severe storms due to the damaging lighting strikes, falling trees and downed power lines.

Most of the time, surges come from the household appliances themselves rather than lightning strikes or electrical storms. Investment in surge protection can save you from unwanted downtime and the replacement of costly equipment.

The standard voltage in normal households and offices is 120 volts. If the voltage rises above 120 volts (surges), a surge protector could help to prevent the problem from destroying appliances.

We can help you with your surge protection needs, whether it be individual surge protectors for specific appliances, a whole house surge protector, or GFCI installation. The Tampa Bay area is no stranger to lighting so protect yourself today!


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