Spring Cleaning for your Fire Detection System

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just in time for the April Spring Clean, Piper Fire is posting a Fire Inspection Checklist for your business, industrial building, or residential community.

To protect your building against dangerous and expensive fires, your Fire Detection System needs to be in good working order. Regular maintenance and check-ups can ensure that your fire alarms and smoke detectors are all functioning at optimum capacity. Spring is a great time to do a fire detection check up. Vital seasonal maintenance includes:

  • Making sure that smoke detector batteries are fresh. Many people recommend that you change the batteries in your smoke detector when you turn your clocks forward or back. By linking these regularly performed seasonal actions, you will always know that you have working batteries so that, in the case of a fire, you will have ample warning.
  • Having us come out to inspect and test smoke detectors, sprinkler systems and other fire safety equipment. Our licensed contractors will make sure that everything is in working order. Sprinkler heads, pipes and fittings and other equipment should be checked at least once a year.
  • Assessing your building for optimum fire safety. Are all fire exits unobstructed and easy to open? Are fire extinguishers in place and clearly visible? Is there a clear and unobstructed escape route that employees or residents can use in case of fire? Are the emergency fastenings (such as push bars or pads) working correctly, allowing the door can be opened quickly and easily?
  • Testing all emergency lighting to ensure that it is in working order. Make sure that emergency exit signs are in place and properly lit.
  • Testing all alarms. Ensure that, when you test a manual call point, it sends a signal to the indicator board. Make sure that alarms can be heard throughout the building. Also ensure that any other linked fire protection systems, such as magnetic doors, respond to the alarm. Always make sure that the receiving center is informed before doing any kind of test.