Piper Fire Executive and Management Team

Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson- Founder







Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson- President/CEO







Don O'Lone

Don O'Lone- Vice President of Finance







Mark Stoefen

Mark Stoefen- Vice President of Operations








Matt Ahlersmeyer

Matt Ahlersmeyer- Clearwater Alarm Service Manager







Jason Beth

Jason Beth- Controller







Marcus Bird II

Marcus Bird II- Sarasota Alarm Manager







Thomas Bluitt

Thomas Bluitt- Sarasota Sprinkler Service Manager







Ron Carter

Ron Carter- Sales Manager







Mike Corbett

Mike Corbett- Sarasota Sprinkler Manager







Mike Curinga

Mike Curinga- Clearwater Sprinkler Construction Field Operations Manager







Kristen Hesse

Kristen Hesse PHR- Human Resource Director







Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson- Inspections Manager







Tricia Kane

Tricia Kane- Customer Service Manager







Mack McGaffagan

Edward "Mac" McGaffagan - Clearwater Sprinkler Service Manager







JP Plouffe

JP Plouffe- Alarm Construction Manager







Ellen Poole

Ellen Poole- General Counsel







Brian Staveley

Brian Staveley- Electrical Manager







Ben Ward

Ben Ward- Suppression Division Manager/Sarasota Branch Manager







Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams- Sarasota Sprinkler Construction Manager